Wayne Alliance for the Prevention of Substance Abuse
Community Organization
The Alliance is a not-for-profit organization designed to affect change in the awareness of alcohol and drug misuse among children, teens, families and senior citizens.
We provide useful information helping to avoid abuse, how to dispose of old medication, who to contact for assistance and where to go for further information. Our volunteers are valuable to us.  As a group we can make a difference.  Just one email, phone call or letter from a volunteer can really change someone's outlook, their mind or their outcome. Our sponsors and supporters help us grow. We learn more and create change when we collaborate. Please consider joining in our efforts. Call the office: 973-694-1800 x3244 or Email: alliance@waynetownship.com Donations accepted for specific or general programming: Please make checks payable to: Wayne Alliance and mail to: 475 Valley Road, Wayne, NJ 07470  
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Wayne Alliance 4 Prevention of Substance Abuse
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Valuable information for Parents, Students and the Community.