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Patch file photo
WMS826 April 13, 2014 at 08:42 am
If you don't like it then don't watch....then stop bringing up Fox News when you liberals are backedRead More into a corner or rush Limbaugh. These are not suppose to be political shows yet for some reason they choose to put a man in that slot with a political agenda. Bad choice in my opinion.
Brian N April 13, 2014 at 09:13 am
Colbert will have no political agenda on The Late Show. Maybe you should read more about the actualRead More man instead of making comments based off if a 'character' that he plays on a completely different kind of TV show.
jim April 17, 2014 at 09:52 am
WMS826- dont blame cbs and colbert, blame the almighty "Free Market". CBS makes money byRead More having good ratings. Colbert has a proven track record of winning awards and getting good ratings. If you "conservatives" produced a better and more entertaining product than maybe a conservative leaning host would have been chosen as a replacement. I'm a libertarian who enjoys colbert, he often mocks republicans but also mocks democrats and obama. he spent weeks making fun of obama, the aca roll out, and nsa spying. unlike fox news who will slam democrats but never go against "their guys" even when they screw up. colbert also admits he is a comedian unlike fox news who pretend to be "fair and Balanced" news. here's the problem with current republicans: they love the free market accept when it works against them- colbert has good ratings and is chosen as a replacement, republicans cry "war on consevative values" instead of admitting colbert just puts out a more entertaining product. they have an imaginary war on christians and thinks christianity belongs in public schools, but if muslim budhism or any other beliefs are mentioned in schools they are the 1st to complain. christian parents recently sued a school for teaching kids yoga they got all hot and bothered when bloomberg tried to limit soda sizes to help with our obesity problem. they said its our choice as americans to drink as much soda as we want even though it has harmful health effects, however they will fight other peoples freedom to smoke marijuana. they believe in the "trickle down" effect for the rich (even though they keep a lot of the money in off shore banks) to help the economy, however dont believe if you raise minimum wage it will have any type of trickle down effect (that money would not be banked over seas it would go right back in to the economy).
Jim Clayton March 28, 2014 at 03:51 pm
Snookie recenlty appeared in the TV series "Supernatural" and also on a WWE wrestlingRead More event where she did a triple back flip off the ropes so she seems to be trying all different venues for exposure.
FIMF the ll March 28, 2014 at 04:04 pm
I heard about that move. I believe it is called the stink face.
ThudNJ March 28, 2014 at 07:12 pm
She is a lousy representative for the Jersey Shore. I know not from here but the rest of the USARead More does not realize that.
Michelle March 25, 2014 at 04:26 pm
So excited to see this happen!
Kel March 26, 2014 at 08:18 am
Come support the arts this Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings March 27, 28, 29 at 7:30pm atRead More Wayne Valley High School and see Chess-The Musical with lyrics by Tim Rice and music by Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus, formerly of Abba. Set in 1988, this complex story and compelling score follows a series of chess games between an American and a Russian and is loosely based on the 1972 "Match of the Century". Many of these talented students have performed and trained on and off-Broadway!
rbarwick March 28, 2014 at 07:08 pm
Thanks to all who came out to audition and to those who spread the word about the auditions.Read More -Robert Barwick, Managing Director, Ground Level Theatre
Credit: Fox, Monrovia Patch
W.elk March 14, 2014 at 07:01 am
Pork with crabmeat? BARF. It's not even wrong in a decadent way, it's just grossss....
Linda March 14, 2014 at 09:30 am
Don't knock it till you try it ^^ I have had some funky dishes at Tony's, made by Anton (hotRead More peppers, sausages, raisins (???)), but it was awesome - I've never had a bad meal there!! I've never watched Hell's Kitchen, but I will be watching this season...GO ANTON!!! (actually, I'd hate to see him leave Tony's, but it would be a wonderful experience for such a great chef!!)
eyes wide shut March 16, 2014 at 10:29 am
@W.elk...I have eaten some of his dishes and must say alllllll were excellent. YOU are complainingRead More about something that you haven't even tried. Perhaps YOU should stick to what you like and im guessing a "Happy Meal" is on your list...OH BTW i have had a dish similar to what He is making at Mesa Grill...Owned by Bobby Flay..Another person/place you most likely never heard off....What do you do with all the free gifts you get with your visits to Mickey D's?
From last year's Music Mash-Up.
Chris Traynor April 5, 2014 at 05:44 pm
I've known Brian Jones for a while and I can say, quite assuredly, that he is a rare find in theRead More world of music education AND all the more rare for his continuing efforts to mix opportunities for the kids of Wayne Township with a brighter world for the kids trying to live with a serious illness (and their exhausted families). He's a real asset to this town!
Pepsi MAX driver Jeff Gordon at the MAX It Now launch on Friday, July 6, 2012 in Daytona Beach, FL. (Photo by Brian Blanco/Invision for Pepsi/AP Images)
YGBFKM March 5, 2014 at 08:06 am
Typical DWEEB, pajama journalist who drives a car and therefore 'knows everything' about 'em.Read More Clutching his cellphone and cryin' like a little girl. Did he soil the seat?......................
Teresa and Joe Giudice leave federal court in Newark on Tuesday, March 4, 2014. (AP Photo/Rich Schultz)
Mariea March 10, 2014 at 02:02 pm
NJarhead March 10, 2014 at 02:43 pm
It has to do with crime. We don't let criminals off because they have children at home. They screwedRead More their kids, not the courts. The rest of your post isn't worth addressing.
jp1 March 10, 2014 at 02:43 pm
Mariea, where are your brains these two idiots chose to break the law and did not think of of thereRead More children .Send them to jail and then deport the convicted felon.
Michael B. Jordan discussing his portrayl of Johnny Storm / CineMovie via youtu.be/NRzKI2-T1Yg
Lincoln Farquharson March 21, 2014 at 12:15 pm
I feel like I will be repeating what's been said, but I think it was foolish to cast a blackRead More character as Johnny Storm. How will they explain his sister being white? and regardless of how they explain it, the dynamics of their relationship may be lost to the viewer. They are taking a big risk there. With that said, had they cast the Thing as black or possibly even Reed Richards, you would get no argument from me. It's not that the characters were originally drawn white or black because that decision is personal bias on the past of the artist and the economics of what image will sell, but it is based on their personal character. Not other race can play Malcolm X or Robert Kennedy or Mahatma Gandhi, because their race is part of what made them historical figures. A white person, as another example, can not play Storm or Black Panther, but one could play Bishop.
Hookerman March 21, 2014 at 12:52 pm
Lincoln, there is a big difference between an actual person and a fictional character. CharactersRead More are often portrayed by actors whose physical appearance is much different from that described in literature. For example; in the book One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, the character of Randall McMurphy was described as being tall, with thick red hair. Somehow, people had no problem accepting the portrayal of Jack Nicholson, who is short with thin brown hair.
Lincoln Farquharson March 21, 2014 at 05:26 pm
It's about depiction. Real or fake. Comics are visual books, so a character isn't described. If weRead More want to be strict, most of the real life depictions of comic book characters are wrong (Rogue, Iceman, Magneto). Since we apparently are not going for exact replicas, we have artistic license to change a few details. Race plays a part in the character development and ultimately the storyline of several characters and comics. You can't change the race for those characters without affecting everything else (Storm, Black Panther). Other characters were simply drawn that way because, as I said, artist bias and marketability (Nick Fury, Reed Richards). For this particular case, the Storms are brother and sister and the stories and development of character is based largely in part on that relationship. If the race of one changes, without proper explanation, then the race of the other should change. Throwing a black character in the movie just for sake of doing it without respect to canon or continuity is disrespectful to fans and unimaginative. Had Reed Richards or Ben Grimm been made black for this movie, no arguments can be made.
TRISH SCHWECKE February 19, 2014 at 11:31 pm
tracy t February 23, 2014 at 09:04 am
So happy for you Patrick and your fellow drum line team....it's only just begun. ENJOY!
Social issues in Morristown Blog March 2, 2014 at 01:26 pm
http://socialissuesinmotown.blogspot.com/ please vist our blog!
Queen Latifah sings during the BET Honors 2012 at the Warner Theatre on January 14, 2012 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Kris Connor/Getty Images)
Justice February 8, 2014 at 07:45 am
Everyone knows what Queen looks like; but where is a picture of Brenda Moran? I am quite certain herRead More parents would have signed a release.
Pad February 9, 2014 at 05:10 am
That's really great. One of life's memorable moments for this talented girl. Congratulations!
larry lynch February 5, 2014 at 07:58 pm
How soon we forget. When The Gay American broke his leg on LBIand helicopters were dispatched toRead More rescue him, fortunately iron rods were inserted to facilitate his recovery. His wife and Security chief were there to monitor the insertion process and subsequent removal after the Gov. was satisfied with the procedure.
BellairBerdan February 5, 2014 at 08:28 pm
Gee larry WWII was before my time but I heard it was something. Since you remember it you probablyRead More also know why the Fairness Doctrine is no longer in practice. The FCC under Reagan ended it. When Congress tried to re-instate it Reagan vetoed it. Freedom of Speech. Remember? But really, how many networks can we have whose only focus is on the next missing blonde teen girl, black kids (including the president) that scare old white people and urging you to buy gold because the sky is falling can we have?
David Comora February 5, 2014 at 11:03 pm
Seems like we haven't had a good "elected" governor since Tom Keane. Richard Cody did aRead More fine job as well for the short time that he was there. I suppose its hard to get good people to run ... in the meantime, it looks like Christie is about to begin the 3rd act of his nightmare. http://newbrunswicktoday.com/article/breaking-powerful-developer-received-sandy-aid-has-no-experience-building-affordable-housing
Me January 31, 2014 at 09:08 am
No love for the Sports Authority in Paramus?
April Alston January 31, 2014 at 01:10 pm
I am just grateful that NJ is doing anything at all to drum up revenues...it seemed that NY wasRead More taking over...
Wayne's World January 15, 2014 at 09:36 am
This is GREAT! Never seen Springsteen have such a sense of humor about himself...great parody.Read More Jimmy Fallon is at the top of his game, looking forward to seeing him on Tonight Show.
Joe videodummy January 15, 2014 at 01:08 pm
Springsteen is the Gate Master. He's also the Master MasterCard Master, and the announce 2 shows,Read More buy his own tickets so the show is sold out, then announce 2 more shows where the tickets are only available at ticket master ( for a premium price) before releasing his own tickets held from the first 2 shows, Master. If life is so bad here- why does he keep coming back ? His Bandana- stolen from Maggie Magee His Sunglasses- Roy Orbison His Words- Tom Waites -( Jersey Girls, Sandy, The river ) His Crossroads- Rt.9 & Rt 35 ( the green arrow at the traffic light, no doubt ) His Cash Cow- Jersey His Home - California
Bobtwo January 16, 2014 at 08:26 am
Could never figure out what he did. Guess I am from old school.
Teresa and Joe Giudice / File photo
Debbie Marsh January 2, 2014 at 08:20 am
Marsha, you are an idiot. Do you use someone else's ID to obtain a drivers license? Do you thinkRead More that is right? These people think they are above the law and believe their celebrity status confirms that. He has a horrendous driving record. Do you want to be on the road at the same time as him? The fights are just acting. I do agree with you on one thing, the poor kids are exposed to this and have horrible roll models in their parents.
Chris Schillander January 2, 2014 at 01:55 pm
OH WHO CARES??? Dont you sheep realize that there are bigger problems in this world? who cares whatRead More 2 dummies did. We should all be concerned with how every day the debt in this country gets worse and worse, but most people are concerned with this and the Kardumbshians and Mileys twerking. Get a clue and OPEN YOUR EYES AMERICA.
Chris Traynor January 13, 2014 at 11:39 am
Chris Schillander: By commenting on this issue no one is abdicating their deep concerns over theRead More dozens and dozens of other harmful issues before us. Monsanto anyone? There are far too many "sheeple" in this country who ignore the impending outcome of issues like our national debt (which is a contrived/artificial "paper number" designed to enrich the private parties which own and control the private and not-at-all "Federal" Federal Reserve), HOWEVER, one of the largest problems we face as a society is a full-blown obsession with celebrity along with the false notion that, as Americans, we all somehow have a get rich quick shot at wealth (even if that wealth is ill-gotten). This case (Teresa & Joe Guidice's chronic pilfering of the pockets of true tax payers) is actually far more important that you might think, Chris. We will learn if our government prosecution has the skill and backbone to forge an assault on these not-so-petty criminals and their belief in self-importance and being far above the laws that most of us respect. I care about this outcome. Before closing, may I request that, in the future, you strive to refer to the multi-talentless Ms. Cyrus and MENSA-candidate "Kim & Company" using their federaly-approved nicknames ... i.e. The Karcash-it'in's and Mile-wide Virus. Thank you!
Brian Lang, second from right, practicing a routine with the tuba section of the University of Massachusetts' marching band. / Image courtesy of Kenneth Lang
Drglass November 26, 2013 at 03:55 pm
Actually, there is also another Wayne resident marching in a band in the parade. She is a junior atRead More Wayne Hills and auditioned and was selected as first part alto sax for the Macy's Great American Marching Band. Catch them on TV right at 9AM in front of Macy's!!!
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