Wayne Superintendent Resigns, Takes Job in Westwood

The job switch will mean a pay cut for the superintendent, report says.

The Superintendent of the Wayne Public School District has resigned two years prior to the expiration of his contract, NorthJersey.com reported.

The Board of Education announced at a meeting this week that Superintendent Raymond Gonzalez will resign effective Aug. 1, the report said.

According to the report, Gonzalez is leaving to take a Superintendent job in the Westwood school district where he was once principal. The move will cost him a $25-30,000 pay cut, the report said.

Though Gonzalez did not give a reason for the switch, he did issue a statement to NorthJersey.com saying he was sorry to leave the district, but proud of the accomplishments he had made since taking over as Superintendent in 2011. His contract in Wayne was not set to expire until 2016, the report said.

WV grad May 02, 2014 at 09:48 AM
Lets get to the action to be taken. When all these comments are considered, we need a district leader who is above all things honest and straight forward. That wold be refreshing to hear again. I hope the BOE is not going to start the the same merry-go-round that brought in a dozen interim superintendents and then decided on a political entry. I am asking that we go find a tested, tried, and true leader who always stood up for the students of Wayne whether some wanted to hear it or not. Our children came first and everyone around him knew it. People say Reis stood up to the BOE. I watched on TV the last night he went to the podium and respectfully asked the superintendent and BOE to wait a year to be sure all would work out right. He wasn't being arrogant or standing up against anyone. He was asking for someone to listen. He made sense then and unfortunately makes more sense now. The urban alignment plan would have negative repercussions and sure it did! Get this guy back in any capacity and listen. Experience counts, and we will be done with the smoke and mirror show. Like it or not, the BOE will get the honesty they need to make sound decisions, and so will we.
Pad May 02, 2014 at 11:08 AM
WV Grad, As you can see the Wayne BOE doesn't want someone who knows too much or isn't afraid to speak his mind. They want a puppet that when they pull the strings he dances. How they can compliment this guy after not fulfilling his contract is beyond me. Maybe "Spender Gonzalez" should reimburse Wayne for the cost of finding a new "Super Scammer". Since he broke his contract that would be a novel idea. Where is the BOEs legal department now? The only thing he accomplished was more spending & hiring, #2 accomplished nothing at all and was forced out. When are the taxpayers of this Township going to put a stop to all this? The BOE thinks that paying more gets more and that's not a good way of thinking. What exactly did these two Super Scammers cost the taxpayers during their time here? That's what I want to know. What is all the secrecy about. More will come out on these two. There are plenty of new young dynamic people out there with the proper credentials to lead the District. We don't need these experienced Super Scammers who know how to work the system and bleed the taxpayers dry.
WV grad May 02, 2014 at 11:58 AM
Good point Pad, Bob Reis has never been anyone's puppet back to the days when Vergano was the BOE president. Too bad. I miss the man speaking at the podium or writing in the papers about the truth and what we should be thinking about. Leaders like that do not come along often. All too many times they are more concerned about keeping their jobs and covering their tracks. Unfortunately, even the BOE doesn't always get the whole story and then they fumble the ball. Reis was always the first to say that the BOE is not at fault if they don't get the whole story. Oh well , see you pool side.
Pad May 02, 2014 at 02:32 PM
WV Grad, Yes, Ribbon Cutter Vergano is another one with a big head who has an attitude also. Its not hard to see that a certain group controls Wayne. When someone steps down they handpick a replacement who is in for a while and then anyone running against that person from the outside is put at an unfair disadvantage. Look at the Council and the Mayor, most if all came out of the BOE. The BOE for the most part is political wannabe's. No more No less. Its a shame they have such a grip on this Township. I am neither Republican or Democrat and vote for the best candidate but come on, everyone who can see could tell what goes on in Wayne. Its the "Good Ole Boy Club" at its best. Instead of helping the overburdened taxpayers all they do is spend and fuel their egos. You would think that if they spent some time selling Wayne we would have no problem filling all the vacant office and retail locations in Wayne. Clifton has no problem with their space. Hoffman La Roche isn't even out yet and they have several proposals for the property already. What does Wayne have on the table? 0 that's what. Look at State Farm property on RT23, prime real estate vacant almost 20 years, Pancake House still sitting there all these years after the fire, Preakness Mall an absolute disgrace and they gave that owner several tax breaks. The taxpayers in Wayne? 0 tax breaks for homeowners. That's what the politicians are doing for us.


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