Students Sell Merchandise at Marketplace

Middle schoolers sell their homemade products at the first ever TERPS marketplace at Anthony Wayne Middle School.

Students sold homemade crossbows, gum, jewelry, works of art, and culinary creations at the first ever TERPS Marketplace at Anthony Wayne Middle School Thursday night.

TREPS is an annual event held at the elementary schools designed to teach students about entrepreneurship. Students have to create a new product, or modify an existing one, and sell it. It was the first time Anthony Wayne participated in the program. 

Hundreds of tables were set up in the gymnasium. Each business had one table to market and sell their product or service to customers.

"It's fantastic, said Brian Borchard, whose son Brian made Bottle Bot Buddies using recycled materials. "The kids get a really good idea of what it takes to run a business."

Some parents helped their children create their product, but others let them make them on their own. 

"Sweat equity can be a very good thing for these kids," Borchard said. Working on a project like this, they can get a feel for exactly how much time and money it actually costs to run a buinesss." 

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