Here Are The School District's Goals For The Next Year [Poll]

Officials want to improve student performance and intra-district communications, and use technology to better meet annual goals and objectives.

The has approved the school district’s goals and objectives for the remainder of this academic year and the entire 2012-2013 school year.

The board approved the goals at its March 1 meeting.

GOAL 1: Student Performance – Improve student performance for ALL students through an intense focus on enhancing the teaching and instructional experience throughout the district.


Plan, develop and implement a K-12 curriculum that is aligned to the State and Common Core standards Establish a teacher observation and evaluation system that aligns instruction to the standards- based curriculum and is based on effective practices and learning outcomes.

Provide opportunities for increased professional development to support the achievement of this goal.

GOAL 2: Communications – Improve communication among all members of the Wayne school district in order to share important information about the school district in a way that is timely, meaningful, and responsive to the needs of the community.


Develop a communication plan for the district to specify strategies that will maximize our current resources while exploring new avenues for keeping the district and the community connected. Create additional opportunities for the district and schools to proactively present information to the community while soliciting valuable input and feedback.

GOAL 3: Operations – To effectively and efficiently use district resources to provide safe, healthy, supportive environments that support educational initiatives and provide accountability for outcomes.


Develop and implement the annual budget to support educational and operational initiatives, and provide fiscal accountability to the community. Assess district practices, procedures, and internal control systems to ensure fiscal accountability and efficient and responsive operations.

GOAL 4: Technology – To increase the use of technology for the purpose of improving the effectiveness and efficiency of achieving all other district goals.


Inventory and assess the use of existing technology resources throughout the district Redesign and launch the district and school web pages to be more inviting, informational, and user-friendly Increase opportunities for implementing innovative educational technology resources for instructional, operational, and administrative use.

A copy of the goals and objectives has been attached to this article. The list can also be found on the district's Web site.

Do you agree with the goals? Are there others that officials could have adopted? Let us know what you think by voting in the poll or posting in the comments section below this article.

Wayne's World March 07, 2012 at 02:06 PM
IT's nice to have a mission statement but after 20 years in corporate America, this seems like more corporate-speak. How about concrete ambitions. Those in business know the world is passing us in most respects, particularly science and technology. How about a concerted effort to push all kids into more interest in science, math and innovation. In 20 years from now, the majority of good jobs will be available for those with math and science skills. There are currently almost 10 million high-paying U.S. jobs going unfilled or to foreigners because we are all too busy worrying about football, cheerleading and social studies to pad our grades. It's already been happening for 30 years. Wayne could be a beacon of education reform if we focus on what is important for the future...science and math. This is only one example, but probably the most important thing in education today getting children ready for the working world. High achievers in science, or even mediocre students who have advanced science training, will get into any college they want. Universities are being criticized by the business community for producing too many liberal arts majors. Why not have our jr. high schools and high schools be ahead of that curve? Do that and in 5 years watch Wayne shoot from the mid-50's in the NJ school rankings to top 15.
Wayne's World March 07, 2012 at 02:19 PM
Here's another idea. Most advanced countries have a university track and a "trades" track.. This is controversial because it takes kids out of the system at about 15 or so and funnels them in to their perceived/tested strengths. The trades have far more respect in Europe and parts of Asia than here, this is largely because they receive formal training. Sad to say but a lot of that recent fancy homebuilding in town was done by Mexican day-laborers who have no real experience or skills. In addition to beefing up science/math as stated above, instead of fitting a round peg into a square hole for struggling students, we could institute a state of the art "trades" program for those kids who show that aptitude and do not want/are not qualified to go to college. That way, you help children appropriately and stop propagating the fallacy that all children should be going to college. For anyone following the news, colleges are under a lot of fire for being money-making operations offering very little in the way of real-world education these days. College is a terrible investment for so many who are unprepared, immature, undisciplined, or simply don't have the aptitude/skill set for the type of work that prepares one for. There used to be a lot of pride in the trades in America...we should help our talented kids get back to being prepared for those fields. Either that or ensure that PCT is state of the art and send more kids there.
Pad March 08, 2012 at 11:16 PM
The BOE's Number 1 Goal is to seperate as much money as they can from the poor taxpayers of this Township. There should be a full independant fianancial investigation into the Wayne BOE's fianances and spending. Make pat time counselor's full time, more money spent. Bring in a friend as Asst Superintendant for a six figure salary another waste of money. And so on and so on


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