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Donata Art Studio Classes

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Mission: To have each student journey life through art and find the artist within.
Vision: Students will be able to experience different artwork and art culture by traveling to different parts of the world.
Classes begin Sunday, June 6th
Sculpting (Kathy), Monday 4-6pm
Let’s get to the bottom of Sculpture. Let’s see how we can pull shapes out of our working material and express how we're really feeling inside.
We can do it. It will be a journey we can take together. We will start off in clay and develop our ideas into a medium we can be comfortable
with. I will show you the masters as well as find the master in you. This is easy. It’s already a part of you that we need to let out and show the
world. The life in the clay or the wood is just waiting there for you to come and discover it! Novice level, all ages.
12 Classes, 1-hour Class, $300
Maximum 8-10 students
Portraits (Liz), Mondays 6-7pm, 7:15-8:15pm
This course will focus on exploring portrait drawing. Working from models, self portraits and photos, we will create portrait drawings using a
full range of value and an understanding of the structure of the head and facial features. Students will be encouraged to develop expressive
ideas while learning foundational skills.
12 Classes, 1-hour Class, $300
Maximum 8-10 students
Art study (Donata), Tuesdays 6-7pm
Art studies for students who have been painting, drawing, or sculpting for some time and are preparing portfolios for college entry. Using traditional
and modern techniques, this class focuses on developing familiarity and ease with technique chosen by the student.
12 Classes, 1-hour Class, $300
Maximum 8-10 students
Photography (Vincent), Wednesdays 7-8pm
This course is designed for the beginning as well as intermediate photographer who needs a refresher, but all levels are invited to attend. Some
of the topics covered will include: basic camera modes and operations, such as aperture and depth of field, shutter speeds and capturing motion,
light metering, exposure and working with the many variations of natural light for optimum creative results. Photographic peripherals
will also be covered including the creative use of filters, on camera flash and photo reflectors. Digital imaging will be touched on briefly. There
will be weekly homework photo and writing assignments. In order to achieve their learning goals, students will be encouraged to immerse
themselves in the world of photography for this course, carrying out all photo, written and reading assignments, as well exploring their own
unique interests as applied to photography. The last class will be a reception for invited guests where students will showcase their work.
12 Classes, 1-hour Class, $300
Maximum 8-10 students
Donata’s Art School
Painting and Drawing Art Class: Live Model (Rafal), Thursdays 6-7pm
The main objective of this class will concentrate on students developing an understanding and expanding their ability of painting and drawing.
Student will receive instructions that will improve their technical skills of artistic creativity. The instructions will be based on the classical
ideals of art, which will enhance their proficiency of realist drawing and painting. They will have an opportunity to learn the use of different
media such as pencil and charcoal drawing as well as acrylic and oil painting. The class will cover the use of these media according to a
timetable, which will be set up for a proper understanding of their use. The class will also provide some basic information on art that will help
students understand the use of the techniques they will be learning.
12 Classes, 1-hour Class, $300
Maximum 8-10 students
Painting and Drawing as Story-telling (Kerry), Fridays 6-7pm
This course will teach students how to tell their stories through drawing. Elementary techniques of visual story-telling in painting, comics,
graphic novels, and picture books will be taught. All drawing and painting skill levels are invited, everyone will learn something! Be sure to
bring your sense of fun!
12 Classes, 1-hour Class, $300
Maximum 8-10 students
Empowerment Through the Arts (Joe),
Saturdays 10-11am
Students will be assisted by professional artist on their journey to discover their creative inner voice. Project – based exploration of various
media and techniques will provide a foundation of artistic knowledge. A guided process will awaken inspiration and encourage students to discover
the joy of self- expression. Class focuses as well on technical skills as perspective, proportion, shading, and other academic fundamentals.
Students may work from observation or imagination to develop their personal vision and style. The instructor will work closely with every
student to help form an approach based on her/his individual interest.
12 Classes, 1-hour Class, $300
Maximum 8-10 students
Foundation of Art: Find the Artist Inside, Painting Class, Assorted by Age (Sabrina),
Sundays 12-1, 1:30-2:30, 3-4, 4:30-5:30
This Art course will help develop the inner artist within each student. Each class will be dedicated to a famous artist. Student will feel empowered
to use various techniques and apply them in their work by various artists’ work examples. During each session, students will be energized
and motivated by visual references and examples on their own painting. The process of their work will be documented in the form of a portfolio.
The culminating exhibition of artwork will include projects in drawing and acrylic painting. In the end, each will be able to take home a
large masterpiece and become a famous artist amongst others.
12 Classes, 1-hour Class, $300
Maximum 10 students


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