Solars Panels Running At 7 Wayne Schools [Video]

Real-time displays show how much energy the schools are saving

Solar panels at seven public schools in Wayne are up and running.

A flat-screen television has been installed at the each school. Each one displays real-time information, including real-time solar energy consumption and how much the panels are reducing the school’s carbon footprint.

A panel at on Wednesday displayed that, up until that point, the panels had generated enough energy to power one home, or run one car, for a year.

“It’s a holistic view of how much energy were saving,” said John Maso, facilities director of the district.

The televisions also display how much carbon dioxide the panels have prevented from being generated, how much energy have generated, and are generating. Graphs indicating the amount of power the panels at each school have generated each day, week, month, and year are displayed. The data refreshes at regular intervals.

Maso said a link to the information being displayed on the televisions will be put on the Wayne Public School District Web site.

The solar panels could save the district $6 million in the next 15 years.

The district will buy the solar energy from Nautilus Solar Energy LLC, an independent solar power producer, through a 15-year power purchase agreement. The district will only pay for the clean solar energy the panels produce, not for the panels or any installation costs. The district will still have to pay for the power it uses that is generated by fossil fuels. 

The panels are installed at Packanack, , Theunis Dey and , elementary schools two middle schools, and , and .

Maso said the district is also in the middle of an energy audit. An engineering firm is examining all school buildings to determine where and how the district can conserve energy. Windows, boilers, lights, are among those things being examined.

The audit is being financed by a state-grant and done at no cost to the district.

Rob Burke February 13, 2012 at 02:02 AM
Not so much, scondo. You can in fact calculate all of the costs by reviewing the contract. Very simple and straightforward. If you wanna do the calculation, opra the agreements and do the calculation. You can also opra the electric bills. I would be surprised if anyone would enter into a contract for electricity purchase that exceeds the rate charged by the existing utility. Can you imagine if Brennan caught wind of that?!?
Joe videodummy February 13, 2012 at 03:50 AM
I voted at Thuenis Dey school back in November and read the screen on my way out the door. At the time it said the solar panels had a savings to date to power 1 car for an entire year. It's been 2 months and this article says the panels have saved enough to power 1 car for an entire year. So nothing new for the past 2 months ? Is it that the panels aren't doing any savings because it's winter, or because the price of gas has gone up since November ?
Bill Brennan February 13, 2012 at 05:45 AM
Lost in translation - Those panels belong to a private seller of electricity and NOT Wayne Township. The panels we were supposed to get with the BPU grant would have belonged to Wayne Township. Instead of getting cheaper electricity from a private company we would be getting FREE electricity from OUR solar panels, plus we would be getting an additional $500,000 or so per year in SRECs. All of that was lost because Scott Rumana engaged in misconduct, violated the law and maintained conflicts of interest trying to get a cogen plant built with OUR solar panel money.
Joe videodummy February 13, 2012 at 12:45 PM
I voted for Bill Brennan back in November. Im sure more of you are wishing you did the same right about now.
taxpayer March 08, 2012 at 12:11 PM
All I can see from these transactions is the Mayor will raise my property tax again. The BOE wants more taxes and our mayor wants more taxes too.


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