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School Board To Appoint Two Principals

Moves are the latest in a series of decisions regarding administrative positions in the district. Maureen Weir will help lead Wayne Hills High School. Susan Wardell will be the new person in charge of Ryerson Elementary School.

The Board of Education is expected to appoint two new principals at a meeting on Wednesday.

Maureen Weir will be the new principal of . Weir is curently a vice principal at Hills. She will earn slightly more than $152,300 annually.

Weir will replace Scot Beckerman. Beckerman  ealrier this year only three years after taking the job.

Susan Wardell will be the new principal of . She is currently the assistant principal of George Washington Middle School.

Wardell’s annual salary will be about $120,000. She is replacing Frank Markowick.

Daniel Kilday, the former athletic director of Wayne Valley High School, will be the district’s new supervisor of health and physical education.

The moves are the latest in a series of personnel decisions that have occurred in recent weeks. They are part of a and personnel throughout the district.

The board to be the district director of athletics earlier this month. The board as part of the restructuring initiative.

Jack Leonard and Toni Schito Ferry are the new principals of George Washington Middle School and Lafayette Elementary School, respectively.

George Washington Principal Mary Jane Tierney after working 40 years in the district. Lafayette Principal Stella Cosmas is also retiring.

Marysol Berrios to be the district’s assistant superintendent in January.

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Nose Wayne June 29, 2012 at 04:00 AM
MUST BE A FULL MOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chicken Little June 29, 2012 at 04:35 AM
Al Scala Actually, i believe your response demonstrates your insecure nature. What purpose could you possiblly have had by offering the shining light of your fact (four principals in five years), other than to cast aspersion on the board? You can't help yourself. The article was a "feel good" story, about the hiring of two good people as new principals at Hills and Ryerson. All of the comments recognized this good news, until Kitty Kat's comment right before you chimed in. Guess you were waiting for someone with a similarly pissy outlook before weighing in with your very helpful and insightful fact. I don't waste my time denegrating the board on a blog. When I have an issue, I contact the superintendent, and the some or all of the board members. But you crap all over the board on this website, every chance you get. You can call what you do "criticism," but I think my label is more accurate. (And, since you are in the mood to correct my spelling, let me return the favor and correct your grammar. I believe what you actually meant to say is that I mistake your criticism for abject negativity. But that would be petty of me to do that, wouldn't it?)
Al Scala June 29, 2012 at 09:33 AM
Chicken Little.....buzz off and get lost. Don't waste my time with your namby pamby ways. Keep the lampshade on your head, you'll feel better!
Nose Wayne June 29, 2012 at 10:44 AM
The BOE (BUILDING OVER EVERYTHING) just spent THOUSANDS!! of dollars to TOTALLY REMODEL the Administration Building with the NEW ADDITION of the SECRET ROOM. Yes folks,just when you thought the board could not piss away any more of our taxpayer money,our wonderful new super builds a TOTALLY SOUNDPROOF ROOM so they can hold these SECRET MEETINGS to hire these people without public knowledge.ATTABOY RAY!!!! Can't make this stuff up !!!!
Liz S July 06, 2012 at 11:35 AM
ryerson was doing very well n very happy with mr. markowich all the teachers n students n parents loved him there he was something that ryerson needed. Thank u mr markowich for the best school years


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