Wayne Makes Most Repeat Flood Claims in NJ

According to a new report, the township has more homes that have had multiple insurance claims due to flooding than any other town in New Jersey.

New data released from the state confirms what many Wayne residents have known for a long time – the township is one of the worst in New Jersey in terms of flooding.

NJSplotlight.com recently created an interactive map based on claims data released by the state. The map shows Wayne having the most repeat flood insurance claims filed of any municipality in NJ.

The data shows that Wayne residents, “have suffered 762 ‘repetitive losses’ due to flooding over the past three-and-a-half decades, more than any other municipality in the state,” NJSpotlight.com reported. According to the report, the data is from the OEM-prepared Hazard Mitigation Report. Wayne is one of only a handful of towns that have had more than 100 repeat claims over the past 30 years, and many of the other towns on the list are along the shoreline.

Flooding in Wayne and nearby Pompton Lakes and Little Falls propelled Passaic County to the #1 spot in terms of a county ranking of top repeat claims, too, the report said.

According to the report, the National Flood Insurance Program has paid $102,390,765 to properties with repetitive loss claims in Wayne over the 30-year time period. Federal and state officials say they are working to mitigate flooding and buy out flood-prone properties because of the financial strain repeat claims have on the NFIP, the report said.

See the interactive map here.


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