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Transparency With Community Important, Candidates Say

Incumbents, challengers discuss what the Board of Education's relationship should be with various members of the community.

All the Board of Education candidates have said that the board needs to be transparent and open with its dealings with members of the Wayne Public School District and the entire community.

Candidates were asked: "What kind of relationship should the BOE have with its community, parents, and teachers?"

The three challengers and two incumbents are running for three, three-year seats on the board.

The candidates' answers to another question were featured yesterday on Patch: Should a Board Member Support Every Decision the Board of Education makes?

A representative from the Wayne chapter of the League of Women Voters asked the candidates the questions.

We previously featured the candidates speaking about their professional experience and the basis of their platforms.

The candidates spoke of how they've educated themselves in matters of the district and the board in another series of videos.

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Pad October 25, 2012 at 07:18 PM
As long as there are closed door meetings and back room deals that the public is unaware of there is no real transparency. Right down to the previous two superintendants who walked out with a ton of taxpayers money. The last one Sico didn't even complete one year of his 3 year contract. He cashed out big time. Why was this figure kept from the public? Public salaries are routinely posted in newspapers. The BOE also lied when they stated he retired, funny he is holding a position right down the hill in a neighboring town. Another double dipper who is fleecing the taxpayers of this state.


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