Rival GOP Leader Wants Party to Work Together

Joe Bubba Jr. founded the Wayne Republican Organization for the People. He would like to see members of his political organization to work with the current administration for the betterment of the residents.

At least one individual in town wants to work together with the current Republican administration and find a way to better represent people’s interests at the local level of government.

It is expected that Mayor Chris Vergano will drop incumbent Councilwoman Lonni Miller Ryan from the Republican ticket next week. Vergano did not respond to a request for comment.

Miller Ryan said she would run for re-election whether she is included on the party’s ticket or not. At Large Councilmen Joseph Schweighardt and James Jimenez are also up for re-election. Former county Freeholder Deborah Ciambrone is expected to take her place on the ballot. They are all members of the Wayne Regular Republican Organization.

Joe Bubba Jr. founded the Wayne Republican Organization for the People with the idea of rejecting what he previously calls a “tax-and-spend” system of government in town.

“Being a Republican in Wayne is like being a Democrat in Paterson. We have everything,” Bubba said. “The Republicans shouldn’t be fighting one another.”

Bubba said he’s hopeful that his group will work with the GOP establishment in town for the betterment of the people. He spoke highly of Vergano.

“I don’t think I’ve ever met a more honorable mayor than mayor Vergano,” Bubba said. “It’s just a shame that there has to be so much dissention.

Bubba said he’s been campaigning for office for a year. He said he’s been going door to door and talking to people, asking them what issues matter to them most and getting a feel for what they care about as residents.

“No other candidate has been doing that,” said Bubba, speaking highly of his opponents.

One person in the political arena who is not paying much attention to the matter is Wayne Democratic Chairman Ray Egatz.

“I don’t pay any attention to the rumors and the gossip. I can’t let that effect what we do. I’m trying to put the best slate of people together to run,” Egatz said. “We simply have to worry about doing the best job we can and concentrate on being the best we can be. Every time there’s an election we have an opportunity to bring a two-party system to Wayne.”

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Frank Gallagher January 25, 2013 at 04:23 PM
Egatz should run the rival Republicans on his Democratic ticket. Neither Bubba nor Ryan are likely to win a primary battle, but either or both could win in the general election on the Dem ticket.
George January 25, 2013 at 05:16 PM
I wouldn't be so fast to discount the chances that either, or both for that matter, couldn't win a primary. Both have strong name recognition and I know that Lonnie has really served Wayne well as Council at Large and I believe voters would go off the line to vote for her.
Frank Gallagher January 25, 2013 at 06:05 PM
Anything is possible, Scuralli ousted an incumbent in a ward primary, and Rumana himself ran and won as an outsider in his first council primary.
Joe videodummy January 25, 2013 at 06:44 PM
The thought of giving the chance to Bill Brennen and allowing him to tear through all the file cabinets in town hall uncovering any and all... ! Entertaining the idea isn't out of the question. Out of repect for the fact that there are many unanswered questions and a persistant republican party refusing to comment. What is certain is that they continue to demote themselves and each other.


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