Wayne Man Rescued After Falling Through Ice in Oakland

Guncel Karadogan, 34, was walking on Ramapo Lake alone when he fell through the ice.

A Wayne is lucky to be alive after he fell through ice in Ringwood State Park Friday afternoon, officials said.

Guncel Karadogan, 34, was walking alone on the lake at 1:30 p.m. when one of his snowshoes went through the ice and into the lake, said Larry Ragonese, a spokesman for the state Department of Environmental Protection.

Ramapo Lake is a 120-acre lake in Ringwood State Park. The area is used by hikers and bird watchers.

Karadogan fell through the ice when he sat down to try and free his foot from the ice. A nearby witness who was watching Karadogan when he fell through, called 911.

“He was alone,” Ragonese said. “If that witness didn’t happen to be there and didn’t see him he wouldn’t be alive.”

The Oakland dive and rescue team was on the scene in 15 minutes.

Karadogan was clinging to the ice, Ragonese said. With the witnesses’ help, they fed a ladder they borrowed from a nearby home to Karadogan who pulled himself up out of the ice. He was dressed in full winter attire, which, Ragonese said, helped keep him warm, but added extra weight in rescuing him.

Karadogan had to be resuscitated on the. He was responsive and speaking when taken to St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center.

“If you’re going to go out into nature, bring someone along with you,” Rangonese said. “That’s always a good rule of thumb.”

Justice January 03, 2014 at 08:29 PM
I believe that Ringwood State Park is in Ringwood. Additionally, the only nearby house is actually a historical mansion . Wayne Today printed the same info.
Chris Traynor January 03, 2014 at 08:55 PM
Other than the lucky man who fell through the ice, it sounds like everyone (from the alert witness to the first responders) did everything perfectly right - saving Guncel's life. That is one supremely fortunate guy; owing his life to the invisible support system that surrounds us all here in this country. IT'S A BRAND NEW YEAR - A GREAT TIME TO PREPARE YOURSELF AND YOUR CHILDREN FOR WHAT'S AHEAD: Moments like this remind me just how vital it is to fight for this country and all for which it stands. Patriotism includes pointing out what's wrong or what's breaking - it shows you're awake and that you don't just wave a flag come Independence Day. Complain ... complain loudly if you need to - just do it with an open mind and a desire for UPKEEP of our principles, not just DOWNTRODDEN and ready to surrender. Don't get caught up in political arguments - no side is 100% right. The sorry fact is, MOST representatives stopped representing us decades ago. Read alternate news sources. Get comfortable with the undeniable fact that our media is corporate-controlled (just 6 companies run ALL THE SHOWS) and they "create" the news, not just "report" it. If you've got kids, educate them on the things they're never taught like how to listen for the lie and how to spot a fallacy from a thousand miles away. Teach them to analyze news and events with the old axiom "Who benefits?" and it will (mostly) point out the likely criminals. Use Google and learn and teach common fallacies and how they're used to sway the masses. Tell them that a "person" is generally smart enough but "people" are often dumb as a crate of hammers (hence the term "mob mentality"). Most importantly, teach them with words and actions to be tolerant and love their fellow man. Explain that we've been taught to think of ourselves as very special and different and that Non-Americans are an inferior species; discounted from us. It's deadly horse shit. If you're religious, you know that a messiah (pick one) would never support such evil thinking. No one is expendable - we are all reduced when just one is lost or trampled. Cry for every injustice; not just the ones that impact paleskins. Be good. The Golden Rule matters more than all others - do it, be it, embrace it.
wyldthang18 January 04, 2014 at 12:39 AM
Ok so if I go by what you are saying, your ranting amounts to the fact that you must be black and you support illegal immigrants in our country.
Chris Traynor January 04, 2014 at 11:30 AM
wyldthang18, when creating the post from last night, I was driven by a positive emotion and simply offering some "life lessons" I feel are critical to recreating the kind of life we all might like to see once again in this country. While rushed, it was still very authentic ... it was not a rant (as most rants come from a place of anger). Your other comments (about my race and position on immigration) seem like jabs to see how prepared I might be to follow my own exhortations (particularly those about "The Golden Rule"). I won't comment on them specifically except to say that I hope you have vision coverage as your insight might need a trip to the eye doctor. I will say that I'm sorry you missed the point of my post. In re-reading it, I'm struck that you could find much to disagree with. Regardless, I wish you and yours a very Happy New Year!


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