Town Could Purchase New Firefighting Equipment

Ordinances for rescue boat, thermal imaging camera were introduced Feb. 2.

The township has introduced ordinances to purchase equipment for the Volunteer Fire Department, including two boats, a camera that allows firefighters to "see" through smoke, and safety gear.

The first ordinance appropriates $80,000 to buy a new rescue boat, and a replacement engine, and an inflatable auxiliary boat and safety gear.

The second appropriates $14,000 to buy a new thermal imaging camera for . Thermal imaging cameras detect hot spots in a home, where fire may be hidden, but they can also detect the position of victims or injured firefighters in dark, smoky rooms.

The ordinances were introduced at the Feb. 2 council meeting. It could not be determined when the council is scheduled to approve the ordinances. 

The $94,000 will come out of the town's capital improvement budget; the township will not have to bond for the funds.

Click here to read these ordinances and others that the council has introduced, and approved, to date this year.


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