Three More Burglaries Reported, Jewelry Taken From Residences

Incidents are the latest in a rash of burglaries that occurred since the end of April. Police urge residents to report anything suspicious immediately.

Wayne are reporting that three more burglaries occurred in town between May 31 and Sunday, June 3.

The burglaries are in addition to 12 that already in the Valley section of town.

Jewelry was taken in all three of the burglaries, said Detective Capt. James Clarke said.

A home on Donald Court was burglarized on either May 31 or June 1. Entry and egress was made through a broken window on the back of the house. A house on Indian Road was burglarized between June 1 and June 3. A residence on Dartmouth Road was burglarized between May 31 and June 2. The front door was forced opened at the latter two residences. 

Many of the more than a dozen burglaries have occurred at night. Alarms were not armed in two of the homes, police reported.

“The common denominator is they are looking to ensure that a house is vacant first,” Clarke said. “Then they wait to see when it first gets dark and to see if nothing is going on in the house.”

In two of the earlier incidents, people attempting to gain access to the homes through windows awakened residents, police said.

People reported seeing suspicious vehicles and individuals near some of the homes before they were vandalized. Mail was piled up on the property of one the homes.

Police are urging residences to proactively protect their homes.

“Leave a device on, put lights on timers, tell someone you’re going to be away,” Clarke said. “Stop the mail or get a neighbor to take the mail in or stop the newspaper from being delivered.”

Clarke urges people to report anything suspicious to police immediately. The police department can be reached at 973-633-0600. 

“Call us, we absolutely need the public’s help with this, we can’t be everywhere,” Clarke said.

The department has been deploying uniformed and plainclothes officers into residential areas to deter these crimes from continuing.

Police are working with the Bergen, Passaic, and Morris County Prosecutor’s Offices to investigate the incidents.

The department's Community Policing division can provide residents with preventative measures they can take to deter burglars from their neighobrhood. They can be reached at 973-633-3546.

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Ed Zachary June 14, 2012 at 03:03 PM
Wayne's World, I'm not meaning to insult anyone. I'm trying to come to an understanding of how Justice can claim something (Justice - "Furthermore, most of Wayne residents come from Paterson, whether or not they want to admit to it."), I then question that claim, and then I am attacked for my question, labeled as prejudicial and deceptive. To me, Justice is being adversarial and overly defensive over something that he/she could just say, "There is no form of official references or supporting documents. I could be wrong. Maybe not MOST of Wayne residents... maybe I should have said SOME of Wayne residents..." Not really a big deal, but why attack me for my question? As I stated before, I have lived in Wayne for about 33 years. I personally don't know any families who've moved here from Paterson. Totowa? Yes. Clifton? Yes. Garfield? Yes. Connecticut? Yes. Brooklyn? Yes. I am not saying no Wayne residents moved here from Paterson. I am just pointing out that, from my experience, MOST of the residents of Wayne aren't from Paterson. If the good name of Ed Zachary is attacked, I will defend it properly. That is all.
Justice June 14, 2012 at 03:29 PM
Ed Zachary, you are what your chosen pseudonym states. Be a real man and give up your psycho nonsense. Based on the info you provided, looks like you never fought a war.
Justice June 14, 2012 at 03:34 PM
Wayne's World, I pray this never becomes a dictatorship. Too many lives lost to keep our freedoms.
Nose Wayne June 14, 2012 at 03:46 PM
Justice, the only ship that gets dictatored to is the 'Spirit of Wayne"
Justice June 14, 2012 at 03:57 PM
Nose, good one.


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