Red Light Cameras Capture $86k In Summonses

Drivers who run red lights at Hamburg Turnpike and Black Oak Ridge Road mailed summonses.

Cameras at the intersection of Black Oak Ridge Road and Hamburg Turnpike have captured more than $86,000 in traffic violations since last April.

The township at the heavily-traveled intersection last year as part of a test program initiated by the state. Violations are sent to the owners of the vehicles caught running a red light traveling west on Hamburg Turnpike and north on Black Oak Ridge Road. Drivers are not permitted to turn right on red onto Hamburg Turnpike from Black Oak Ridge Road.

The cameras have filmed 2,265 violations at the intersection: 1,088 in 2011 and 1,177 so far this year.

“We knew it would generate some activity, but everyone’s a little surprised by just how many violations have been caught,” said Chief John Reardon.

A portion of each $85 violation goes to American Traffic Solutions (ATS), the company that operates the cameras. Reardon said he did not know how much from each violation is sent or how much ATS has received since the cameras became operational.

ATS sends footage of each violation to the department’s traffic bureau. An officer views and validates each violation before a summons is mailed.

“Every violation has been put on video,” Reardon said, “so there’s proof that every one occurred.”

Lt. Paul Dring, commander of the police department’s traffic division, could not be reached for comment.

Signs informing drivers that the cameras are operating precede the intersection.

Reardon said officials are exploring installing similar cameras at other intersections but did not say which ones were possible candidates.

“Traffic surveys have to be conducted at an intersection before cameras are placed at one,” Reardon said.

The driver of a recycling truck reportedly sped through the intersection of Hamburg Turnpike and Alps Road . The truck overturned on its side, crushing a car and causing another accident. Several people were injured in the accident. The driver of the truck .

Should similar cameras be installed at other intersections in town? If so, which ones? Let us know in the comments or by voting in the poll below this article.

leanore April 20, 2012 at 05:08 PM
Amen to your reply. Instead of spending money trying to get money by catching violators, that are has to be fixed. THe amount of traffic lites in that area is ridiculous and where they do not have they is hazardous? Makes no sense that you have can't turn left onto the alp extension but you can rush to the entrance of the shopping center, and rush to turn left before you are crushed by someone else looking to beat the lite at alps and hamburg because it only lasts green for 5 seconds. I had a morning job 20 minutes away take 45 minutes becuase of all the lites to get out of this town. The road surfaces all along hamburg are dangerous and the recent work they did on the portion after alps road going towards pompton lakes is a disgrace!!!!! Forget a bout the camera's , make the road surfaces safe!!!!!! And how bout making the driving smooth throughout the towm over creating more delays and rows of cars waiting to turn left 2 by 2 like we are in kindergarten. At that intersection we should be able to turn left onto the extension, with a green arrow that should be installed over a camera? come on ......ask the town what we need. We know , we see the hazards? There are some places in town that you cannot travel a block without another lite and then streches of poorly paved or unpaved hallowd out or poorly lit roads that if one person slightly has an issue a bunch a people will be killed....
John Davies April 20, 2012 at 05:57 PM
No one said anything about putting a camera at that intersection. The author of the article mentioned an accident that occurred there, possibly to highlight the importance of obeying traffic signals.
bye bye April 23, 2012 at 01:50 PM
I hate it when the "No Turn on Red" sign is positioned where, if you were the first car stopped at the light, you cannot see the sign anymore. Perfect example is the picture depicted above at the corner of Black Oak and Hamburg. If that Cadillac in the picture above was changing lanes, watching for pedestrians or simply not reading all road signs BEFORE he came to a complete stop, there's no way he would know what that sign said.
Joygarden April 25, 2012 at 02:25 AM
Cameras are needed all over town, with a lot more tickets given out especially for speeding. You will care more about this when you begin to have your own new teenage drivers on the road. It's not that they're not careful, it's for the other constant idiots that drive like maniacs.
Justice July 10, 2012 at 11:45 AM
"SUITS ARE MOUNTING BY DRIVERS OVER CAMERAS AT RED LIGHTS Putative class actions challenging the use of cameras that catch red-light runners are beginning to pile up, with two additional Gloucester County towns named as defendants. The new suits, filed on July 3 in Gloucester County, seek the return of possibly millions of dollars in fines paid to Monroe Township and Glassboro Borough. The suits follow a similar complaint filed against Cherry Hill on June 29 in Camden County. Ten days before that filing, the state Department of Transportation suspended most red-light camera operations statewide for failure to comply with statutory requirements. All three suits claim that the towns broke state law by having yellow lights that don't last long enough. The towns also allegedly failed to perform twice-yearly checks of the cameras' accuracy."


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