New Vehicles Added to Police Department's Fleet

New Chargers, Tahoes debut as part of an effort to phase out old vehicles.

Residents may see some sleek-looking new police vehicles on the road soon.

The police department has some new vehicles painted black with big blue letters on boh sides.

The department has three new Dodge Chargers and two Chevy SUVs. There are two new Ford vehicles on order as well. The black vehicles have big, blue letters on the side

The department purchased a new Charger with the paint scheme last year. That car was totaled in an accident less than two months after it went into service.

“We’re going to try all and will decide which kind to go with,” said Chief John Reardon said.

A patrol car may get up to 2,400 miles a month. Sometimes they are only shut off for 15 minutes during a shift change.

“They have to run because they have so much equipment in them,” Reardon said. “A lot of these cars are on 24 hours a day.”

The department will eventually phase out all of its white and blue trimmed vehicles with the new black ones. A patrol car typically lasts three years, Reardon said.

There are also three new Chevy Tahoes in service to replace three old SUVs. The township bonded $90,000 to purchase the vehicles.

On average, the department purchases a few new vehicles every year to replace old ones. Some get phased out due to high mileage. Others get into accidents.

All the new vehicles have computers in them to allow officers to type up incident reports rather than write them by hand.

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Flood Plain January 26, 2013 at 04:43 PM
At the end of the article: "All the new vehicles have computers in them to allow officers to type up incident reports rather than write them by hand." My gosh, WPD has entered the 20th century of law enforcement by putting computers into their patrol vehicles. Can updates into the 21st century be next?
Brendan Ty Burger February 02, 2013 at 01:09 PM
That's terrific. Congratulations. Vehicles look sharp.


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