Judge Delays Evidence Decision in Case of Wayne Mother Accused of Killing Newborn

Keri Barry's trial is scheduled to begin next week, report says.

A state judge has postponed a decision on whether or not instant messages a Wayne woman accused of murdering her newborn baby sent can be used in court, NorthJersey.com reported.

State Superior Court Judge Raymond A. Reddin was supposed to make the determination last Friday, in time for a trial set to start Feb. 10, but delayed the decision due to a full calendar of unrelated cases last week, the report said.

The instant messages in question were sent by Wayne resident Keri Barry before she gave birth in 2009, and mentioned that she did not want to be a mother, the report said.

The defense has argued that the messages are nonsensical and will prejudice the jury, while the prosecution has said they show Barry’s state of mind, and prove that she lied to cops when she told them that she didn’t know she was pregnant, and later said that she thought she had a miscarriage, the report said.

According to the report, Barry, now 26, gave birth at home without seeking medical attention in December 2009. 

After her family took her to the doctor and allowed for a search of her home, investigators found a male baby’s body wrapped in a garbage bag outside her home, the report said.

Bill February 05, 2014 at 06:50 AM
Tragic. Extremely tragic. RIP to the baby. So many options not taken. The Safe Harbor Law (not financial) needs to be re-published. Babies can be left with police, firehouses,etc. no questions asked. Many infertile people would have given this baby a good home. On the other hand, what torment this young woman must have gone through. The irony is that had she had an abortion (which remains legal for many reasons) I wouldn't be writing comments and she wouldn't be in court. Her family must be so devastated as is she. Those messages need to be inadmissible or portrayed as the pain of a confused young woman who felt she had nowhere to turn.
Kim Graves February 10, 2014 at 01:40 PM
the most tragic thing ever is that she not only is out free on bail but has gotten married and given birth to a son .. and posts videos of herself and the boy on Youtube! i say she needs to be locked up now! as she always should have been she is a monster...plain and simple and should have agreed to tying her tubes to be let out


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