Sheriff: Bergen County Sweep Nets 51 'Deadbeat' Parents

About $40,000 recovered so far, sheriff says.

A Bergen County sweep nabbed 51 deadbeat parents who owed nearly $500,000 in child support payments, Sheriff Michael Saudino said in a statement Friday.

One man caught in the sweep owed nearly $119,000, according to the sheriff’s office. The Sheriff’s Fugitive Warrant Unit carried out the arrests Tuesday through Thursday and officials have so far collected about $40,000 of the owed money.

“These types of raids are important because these families are counting on this money to live and unfortunately these individuals have tried to skirt that responsibility,” Saudino said. “The Bergen County Sheriff Office has a reputation for executing these raids with great success."

The raids took place without incident, the sheriff said.

Bergen County’s raid was part of a part of a statewide initiative involving sheriff’s offices in all 21 counties. Anyone with information about someone wanted on a child support or other warrant can submit tips anonymously at www.bergentip.com.

Dawn June 10, 2012 at 10:39 PM
To Dadzrites - You could talking about these victimized "fathers" but there are mothers that don't pay their support either. so it sounds like you may be owing some child support. If a parent can't pay to support their children, they should not be taking vacations, they should be working two or three jobs, they should downsize their social life. If they have a financial situation, they have EVERY right to appeal to the Family Court to TEMPORARILY reduce their child support. If your kids have less than $100 to eat every week, than the parents should have less than $100 to eat every week.
Dawn June 10, 2012 at 10:45 PM
are you stupid? your solution, other than for fathers to actually support the children they help produce is to take the kids away from their mother, after their father obviously doesn't want them and give them to the State? you have serious mental and emotional/anger issues. you should seek professional help and I think you should start paying your child support or stay out of your children's lives. they are better off with out you.
Dadzrites June 11, 2012 at 01:15 AM
No Dawn, you're the stupid one. You go along with the fascist system we have in order to get something for nothing. Too easy to get divorced and glom on to the man's salary. I paid all of my support. My children were emancipated in 2003. My ex-wife alienated them from me, the court found her in contempt, but did nothing about reversing custody to the alienated parent. The Courts are a sham and a fraud. You talk about going back to court and getting a reduction. Judges in NJ WILL NOT REDUCE the amount of support or alimony owed. They do this because it would reduce the amount of money the State gets from the Feds that goes directly to the judges' pensions. It's about the State "going for the gold", "getting the goose that laid the golden egg". Well ladies, the geese have stopped laying the golden egg, and it's time for all of you to take stock because if you keep pushing men away from their children and over the edge, there'll be no one to pay your support and you'll be out in the street living in boxes and eating out of dumpsters like many fathers do now because they can't get their support reduced due to the corrupt judiciary. I have anger issues?????? You're the one making personal attacks on me and all other dads!!!!! My anger issues are against the fraud known as the State and the Judges. They are the targets of the problems. Fix the problem, not the symptom.
Dadzrites June 11, 2012 at 01:19 AM
And, yes, I believe that women should not have custody if they cannot raise them and support them on their own. Before the 1950s men almost always got custody of children. Did you ever hear them complain about not getting child support????? No, you dolt. Because they were able to support themselves and their children, without the wife's help. We need to go back to the earlier time and eliminate the fraudulent Marxist-feminist system we have now, because it's destroying our children, our families and our society. Marxist-feminism is the biggest mass murderers in the history of the World--with over 50 Million children dead.
Mildred June 11, 2012 at 02:14 AM
@ Dadzrites, You prove my point and, I will not dignify you with an answer to your comments about slavery ! We need not debate that issue or compare a us history with a europ history your ignorent comments tell me a lot about who and what you are. You would be the first to call me anti-semitic.You are of the type that uses that and hide behind that word. Race or religion has nothing to do with child support. It's obvious that you are a idiot and, you need help! Your angry at your kids, your exwife, hell, the entire country. I get it, I get it you like men hate women and kids. Its ok honey. Its ok !!! Please call your Dr tomorrow so he can help you manage your anger problem. It has driven you insane. I understand your irrational, uneducated, stupid comments,you have deep dark issues that your holding on to! BTW, the men/women are put into jail due to violating( contempt) a court order so, stop ranting and take your meds. CRAZY


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