A Post Card From Santa Barbara

My name is Helene Schneider, and I'm the mayor of Santa Barbara, California.

As a mayor, the last thing you want is for a violent tragedy to strike your community.

Our community is still reeling from Friday's rampage that left six dead and more than a dozen injured. But one of our citizens -- Richard Martinez, whose son Christopher was killed -- inspired the entire nation with a simple, powerful message: Not One More.

Over 250,000 people have already joined Mr. Martinez by sending postcards with this message to their elected officials.

I've sent mine. Can you send yours now?

Click here to automatically sign and send a postcard to your elected officials telling them that Not One More person should die from our broken gun laws. Everytown for Gun Safety will print the cards and deliver them to your officials.

When people send postcards from Santa Barbara, it's usually to share the beauty of our beaches or provide a glimpse at our vibrant culture or tell a loved one they're thinking of them.

This is a different kind of postcard.

But the message has given voice to a heartbroken community in need of healing -- and in need of answers. Not One More is our rallying cry, and it's time to make sure no elected official can ignore it any longer.

Please send your postcard now:


It truly moves me to know there are so many people like you who have heard Mr. Martinez's call and stand in solidarity with the Santa Barbara community.

Thank you,

Helene Schneider
Santa Barbara, CA


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