Small Fire Forces Evacuation of Macaroni Grill [video]

No injuries reported in late-afternoon incident.

The Macaroni Grill had to be evacuated Tuesday night due to a small fire that officials say started outside the restaurant.

Fire Commissioner Barry Turner said that the fire appeared to start outside the wall of the restaurant closest to the bar. He said the fire appeared to spread into the wall and up into the ceiling and roof.

Turner said that the cause of the fire has not been determined and that no one was reportedly injured in the incident. He said the fire was reported at approximately 5:45 p.m.

“There was this smell and then just like that the building was filled with smoke,” said Devin Wick, the restaurant’s kitchen manager. “I then waved everyone outside.”

Wick said there were about 25 people, 10 employees and 15 patrons, in the restaurant when the incident occurred.

Turner said there was smoke damage and some minor water damage to the inside of the building.

Turner said he thinks the establishment will be “closed for a while.”

, , , and , and the Wayne First Aid Squad responded to the scene. 

Former Valley Gal April 18, 2012 at 11:21 PM
While I know the quality of the restaurant is not what it used to be, I worked there for 6 years and still know people who work there. Glad no one was hurt, but a shame those people will be out of work likely without compensation in the interim.


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