Should the Office Buildings on Totowa Road be Torn Down?

Let us know what you think our poll.

The buildings look drab and unused. Signs across the lawns advertise how much space is available in each one.

The office buildings on Totowa Road, across from the Preakness Valley Golf Course, are not being used to their fullest potential. Several thousand square feet is available in each building. One multi-acre property is for sale.

The Pioneer Academy of Science in Clifton . 

Should the office buildings be sold and torn down? What would you like to see the buildings replaced with? Let us know in the comments below.

eyes wide shut March 12, 2012 at 09:41 PM
Who would buy that building then tear it down? Any idea what the cost of the building is? What would it cost to tear down? Im sure everyone would like something nice and new there, but who is going to foot the bill? Someone should just buy it and tear it down so its not an eyesore? Fill that under wishful thinking
Wayne's World March 13, 2012 at 02:03 PM
This would be an excellent opportunity for Totowa and the county to repatriate some green space, which the entire area needs desperately. Apply for some green acres funding both private and public, buy the building, tear it down, plant some trees, and preserve the land from ever being built on again. This is the kind of foward-thinking I want to see in Wayne, but probably never will. The biggest shame of the past 30 years is the over-development of our community. There's barely a tree left in the place. Hundreds and hundreds of acres plundered in the name of ratables...and here we are, still worrying about high taxes. It's too late for Wayne, unless something dramatic is done with the Wayne Hills Mall site, but that will never happen. What a shame.
Barbara Chetirkin Devine March 13, 2012 at 02:18 PM
Should anyone care to know the geography of the area...this building is in WAYNE not Totowa. Maybe the town should pruchase it - LOL! They have done some really stuipd things over the years like sell Anthony Wayne only to build a new school because enrollment called for it. But one must think of the environmental issues when tearing down a building that old.
Wayne's World March 13, 2012 at 05:12 PM
In all fairness, selling Anthony Wayne, a decrepit outdated school with negligible population, was the right thing to do at the time. I was a student at the time and that school was on its last legs. No one could have foreseen in 1985 the baby boom that began in the mid-90s and, according to statistics, ended in 2007 or so. My bigger issue is the destruction of the town's farms on Valley Road and other places, the unbridled development off of Garside Avenue and Hamburg Tpk (now Vizcaya Estates) which decimated hundreds of acres of pristine woods and wildlife. The Point View and other nearby neighborhoods are a tragedy as they should have been left undisturbed to form a more substantial High Mountain Park. Had the town elders had any foresight and not succumbed to all of this construction, the town would have retained some of its mildly country charm. Now, it's a small city and there is no going back. Remember the farms next to OLV church and the Red Barn just down Valley Road? Those were probably the best candidates for Green Acres-type preservation. All in the name of ratables that never did decrease taxes and did not sustain a top 15 school system, which is what we should be striving for. As an aside, hiring people who ran the Paterson school system does not inspire confidence in the school system. What a shame. I'm outta here when the market improves.


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