RHONJ: Melissa Gorga, Teresa Giudice Still on the Outs

Joe Gorga jokingly admits to being an exotic dancer in final reunion episode.

After five months, season four of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” ended Sunday night. The third and final part of the series’ reunion special aired.

What a relief.

The women continued to argue about their relationships with one another.

The topic of who used to take her clothes off for money just wouldn’t die. Even the women’s husbands were dragged into the conversation when they were brought out.

“What’s wrong with being a stripper?” Joe Gorga asked.

And then the truth came out:

“Joe, I heard you were a dancer of the Chippendales variety,” host Andy Cohen said.

“Absolutely,” Gorga said, adding that he performed in a thong.

In fact, everyone made it pretty clear it was the lying between castmates, and not the stripping, that they were concerned about.

Later, Gorga said, “If my wife was a stripper, OK. But here was a man that was lying and that’s why I was looking for him.”

The other major part of the conversation was the rift between the Gorgas and the Giudices.

Cohen asked if the show had helped or hurt the relationship.

“We already had our issues,” Gorga said, although Giudice denied they were ever that bad.

“And maybe, Andy, maybe I got on this show to get close to her,” Joe said.

Surprisingly, considering his wife’s venom towards all things Giudice, Chris Laurita seemed to genuinely want the siblings to mend their rift.

Gorga insisted she never did anything to disrespect her sister-in-law, but said “Teresa, you did call me a stripper.”

“Your own father told me you said that,” Joe Gorga said.

“Mommy and Daddy; that’s all we have and you’re breaking Mommy and Daddy’s heart,” Guidice told her brother.

“You took my parents away from me!” Joe Gorga said.

Then a screaming match erupted. Eventually, it came back around to what happened at the Posche Fashion Show episode that aired a few weeks ago.

“Someday, I know all of us. All. Of. Us. Will be sitting around saying ‘Remember when?’” Caroline Manzo said.


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