Readers' Choice: Best Place to Buy Sporting Goods

With warmer temperatures and Spring in full swing, there are a lot of places you can go to get the best equipment for your, or your kids', activities.

With Spring comes the promise of more outdoor activities for residents. Wayne has a lot of basketball and tennis courts. Cyclists can be seen cruising along roadways every day of the week. Baseball and softball fields will soon be teeming with activity.

With a lot more to do, the question comes up: What's the best place to get sporting equipment in town? That's what we're asking residents for this week's Readers' Choice poll.

There are several places in town to choose from:


Modell's (new location)

Modell's recently opened in the Brentwood Plaza Shopping Center, near Panera Bread and , on Route 23 South.

While not all the locations listed may have all the equipment, like pads and helmets, necessary to play a sport like football, we've tried to select a cross section of stores that offer a variety of products that don't specialize in one type of season or type of sports.

Voting ends Friday at 9 a.m. 

Don't forget, ratings on the candidates' directory listings play a role in determining a winner in our Readers' Choice polls. A list of rules governing the poll has been attached to this article.


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