One-Way Street Proposed to Curb Traffic on Valhalla Way

Jughandle on Hamburg Turnpike to blame for influx of vehicles.

Residents of a neighborhood may soon get some much-needed relief from unwanted traffic.

The introduced an ordinance March 7 prohibiting vehicles from turning left onto Valhalla Way from Hamburg Turnpike. Drivers make the turn throughout the day as a way of avoiding a jughandle on Hamburg Turnpike.

Vehicles also cut through Valhalla and Surrey Drive to get to Jackson Avenue, which connects to Black Oak Ridge Road and Route 23.

The ordinance would make Valhalla Way one-way between the eastern most intersection of Valhalla and Surrey heading out to Hamburg Turnpike.

The problem stems from construction work the county performed on Hamburg Turnpike in 2011. Concrete dividers were placed in the middle of the heavily-traveled road and the jughandle was placed at the intersection of Jackson Avenue and Hamburg. They were installed to prevent people from making left-hand turns onto adjacent streets, which would slow the flow of traffic on Hamburg, a county-owned roadway.

“It’s turned a quite, residential neighborhood into a raceway,” said Councilwoman Nadine Bello, who is sponsoring the legislation. “Not only did the traffic increase, but the speed at which these vehicles travel has increased as well.”

There is a blind hill on Surrey leading up to Valhalla. Residents said that vehicles speed up the hill and do not slow down when heading onto Valhalla.

“It’s a hazard and an accident waiting to happen,” Bello said.

The intersection is located directly across from . Children use Valhalla Way and Surrey Drive to walk home. The streets have no sidewalks so the students have no separation from the vehicles traveling in the neighborhood.

“Vehicles travel 40 miles an hour up that hill and kids are constantly walking on these streets,” said Chris Cannizzaro, a Surrey Avenue resident. “They don’t even use their brakes.”

Cannizzaro said that while the legislation is a good start in alleviating how hazardous traffic has become in the area, it will not solve the problem entirely.

Bello said at the March 7 council meeting that she asked the county if it would allow vehicles to make a left-hand turn onto Squad Place, which is located just south of Valhalla, and is a much-less traveled roadway than Valhalla is. Bello said county officials said no to her request.

The council is scheduled to vote on approving the ordinance at its next meeting on March 21.

Justice March 15, 2012 at 12:12 PM
Does this mean that the flatbed that is constantly parked in a residential driveway will be ticketed? Or is he one of Bello's minions and exempt?
Nutridoll March 15, 2012 at 12:44 PM
If drivers would just obey the speed limit this wouldn't be such a big issue. The residents of that neighborhood made it clear how dangerous the situation has become at the last council meeting. What other choice is there without the county's cooperation?
Justice March 15, 2012 at 12:45 PM
There are ordinances and sub-ordinances and subjective interpretation of the ordinances and if there isn't an applicable ordinance which can be bastardized; then one will be proposed by the left hand and approved by the right hand. It is that easy. As far as enforcement goes, well that's another story. It all depends on who you know. Kind of like France in the late 1700's. Oops, this is the US, land of the free, with equal justice for all. All, who can afford it, that is. I hope I answered your question.
Wayne's World March 15, 2012 at 12:51 PM
I use this neighborhood as a shortcut because of the jughandle and the impossibly brief light there. That blind hill is a real hazard and I can see how the quiet enjoyment of that neighborhood has been severely impacted. One-way designation is a must there. If Hamburg Tpk was wider, as it needs to be for its entire length from Ratzer Rd. to the CVS on the border of Pompton Lakes, there would be a better way to accommodate left turns. For my money, Hamburg Tpk is one of the most dangerous roads I know of, because of narrow lanes, poor pavement and lack of shoulder in some critical spots. I'm amazed at how many near-accidents I witness virtually daily on that road. People drive highway speeds on Hamburg...scary.
Joe videodummy March 15, 2012 at 02:01 PM
Extend the concrete center barrier down to the intersection of Surrey/Terhune Dr. making that part of Hamburg Turnpike safer as well. Even more benficial would be to turn Valhalla into a 'dead end' road at Hamburg Turnpike and eliminate the entire problem. It will also give parents a place to park while waiting to pick-up they're kids getting out of school. There's definetely enough room for a culv-a-sac. Having any access to the road from or onto Hamburg Turnpike is going to eventually lead to an accident.
Michael Gilmore March 15, 2012 at 07:00 PM
To the concerned resident “Justice” I am the operator of the flatbed truck in question. To answer your question: I have no direct affiliation with Bello. And the reason the truck is parked at my home is due to the fact that I provide 24 hour emergency service to the township and residents of Wayne by contract. And in this contract there is a maximum response time. Therefore in order to provide exceptional service it requires me to keep this truck in my driveway. I do not like to reflect negative attention to our company or Wayne Township, therefore if you would like to express your concerns to us directly, we would be more than happy to speak to you. Feel free to call at your convenience and ask for Les Daniel (owner and 3rd generation resident of Wayne) at: Mountain View Auto Body 76 Mountain View Blvd, 973-694-1433.
Neighbor March 15, 2012 at 07:28 PM
Valhalla Tpke is what it should be renamed. Cars turn off Hamburg and think the speed limit is still 45 Mph. The road has fallen apart from the increase of cars driving on it and the town will get to that in the next 10 years. Tudor lane has to become a one way as well otherwise Surrey drive will be the new cut thru. The no left on squad place is genius and well thought out. Let's see what the powers at be have planned for the resolution.
Wayne's World March 15, 2012 at 09:10 PM
I called the town about a traffic signal issue and you would not believe all the BS that they go through before such decisions get made, and how hard it is to change something based on common sense once it has been "studied." This over-regulation is absolutely killing this country at every level, right down to the streets in a quiet neighborhood. The placement of the barrier seems kind of random. Another easy fix would be simply to disallow a left turn into that neighborhood from Hamburg Tpk northbound or westbound whatever it is. That would be better than making it a one way, so people who actually live there could still get into the neighborhood if making a right off of Hamburg.
Kallybaby March 15, 2012 at 10:29 PM
At another site, Rumana Road, is also a big problem because people come flying down Rumana Road, past the park where children are playing and turn on to Kevit just to beat the light at Valley and Ratzer. They also turn down Kevit and never stop at the stop sign at Kevit and Rumana and go out onto Valley Road. I am shocked there hasn't been an accident yet.
mad anthony wayne March 15, 2012 at 10:39 PM
I think the negative reflection is the fact you just outed the owner of an illegally parked commercial truck operating in a residential neighborhood, fulfilling a very competitive township towing contract.
mad anthony wayne March 15, 2012 at 10:40 PM
Hey Joe repeat after me CUL - DE - SAC!
mad anthony wayne March 15, 2012 at 10:41 PM
A cul-de-sac (literally "butt of bag" in French) is a word of French origin also used in Catalan and Occitan referring to a dead end, close, no through road (British English and Australian English) or court (American and Canadian) meaning dead-end street with only one inlet/outlet. While historically built for other reasons, one of its modern uses is to calm vehicle traffic.


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