Massage Ordinance Not Voted On By Council

New ordinance will be introduced once state finalizes revamping laws pertaining to massage parlors, masseuses.

The did not vote on an ordinance Wednesday that would have established new regulations pertaining to massage parlors and masseuses.

The ordinance was not voted on because state officials are changing their regulations pertaining to the establishments.

“We decided that it would be logical to wait to change our ordinance until after the state changes the regulations,” said Mayor Chris Vergano.

The ordinance will be reintroduced once officials know what facets of the industry the new state regulations will cover.

The massage therapists to be licensed by the township, submit to a background check and be fingerprinted.

The ordinance would have prohibited employees to “perform, or offer to perform any act, which would require the touching of a patron’s sexual or genital area.”

The new law would have required that a patron’s private area be covered by "towels, cloths, or undergarments” when they are in the presence of an employee.

The ordinance would have called for stricter health requirements: Massage rooms would have needed to contain a sink, changing area, and shower. Owners would have needed to submit a sterilization plan for all non-disposable materials and equipment used in giving massages. 


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