Long Lines for Gas Still the Norm

Demand has decreased somewhat since governor instituted the odd-even rationing system.

Long lines were again the norm at Wayne gas stations on Sunday.

Vehicles were lined up all the way down Route 23 North at the Exxon station.

Vehicles seemed to move a little quicker on Sunday and people with gas cans only waited about 30 minutes for their gas. The lines at local stations were easily double that on Friday and Saturday.

“It’s still a little crazy, but it has gotten better. The waits aren’t as long,” said Frank Everton, a Butler resident who came to the Exxon station to fill up a few gas cans so he and his neighbor could power their generators for another day.

Many Wayne homes regained power over the weekend, which will hopefully decrease the demand for gas at local stations.

Stations like Exxon, Valero, Shell and others along Route 23 seem to have the longest lines when they are open. Cumberland Farms on Hamburg Turnpike also has long wait times, more than an hour, but that station seems to get regular deliveries and is open more often than other area stations.

Governor Chris Christie instituted an odd-even system on Saturday to purchase gas until more of the commodity can be delivered to the Garden State.

Monday, Nov. 5, is an odd day. Only residents whose last numerical character is an odd number, or if a license plate does not have any numerals in it at all, may purchase gas.

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