'Housewives' Gorga and Giudice Nearly Come to Blows

The women get into a heated argument about "gold digger" comment.

Reality shows are often not real and a lot of viewers tend to understand that.

Most fans of these are aware that they are often just as “produced’ and somewhat scripted as sit-coms and dramas are. It is no longer a shock when shows are “revealed” to be staged.

Still, “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” has done a descent job of staying as “real” as possible. Or at least they did, until this season.

It is evident with the season’s central conflict so far, which is seemly always between Joe Gorga, his wife Melissa, and Joe’s sister Teresa Giudice. Teresa reportedly to her castmates and running them in In Touch magazine.

The most recent issue arose when Joe Gorga tried to talk to his sister about a quote he’d seen from her husband Joe Giudice in In Touch magazine.

The article, an interview with the Giudices about Joe Gorga's legal troubles, indicated that Joe would never be there for Teresa should she get into trouble.

Because what family doesn’t fight over the things their significant others said to them in the tabloids?

Despite Joe assuring Teresa that he’d always be there for her, what’s really been bothering him is a comment Terese apparently made to Joe about Melissa being a gold digger. The comment was made off camera, but it has gotten plenty of on-camera mileage.

Teresa spoke to Jacqueline Laurita about it in this week’s episode.

“Knowing that her brother’s insecure, she probably shouldn’t have planted that seed about his wife,” Laurita said, diplomatic as always.

Later, all of the housewives, plus Lauren Manzo, head to a Solstice Party thrown by Jacqueline’s psychic, Tia.

“Right now, I’m giving Teresa a lot of passes,” Melissa said, “and I don’t know if it’s right that I do this or if it’s just going to make it worse….”

At the party, Rosie, Kathy’s sister, presents another reason she may be a greater presence on the show: she’s a superhero. Rosie pulls Teresa aside to talk about — what else — the gold digger comment.

“There’s a little piece of friction still and you need to take it easy; that’s all I’m saying,” Rosie said.

The sisters in law finally sat down, but the conversation did not last long.

When Melissa used the word “jail” instead of “going away,” as Teresa prefers her husband’s time in prison to be called, Teresa stormed out.

“I do feel bad for Jacqueline, because she is in the middle,” Caroline said, “and I believe she is going to feel the burn of Teresa’s friendship.”

Laurita went and told Gorga that Giudice would like to see her in the parking lot.

“If she’s going to cause a big scene let me vent about what’s really bothering me,” Melissa said. “Why not? She clearly doesn’t want peace.”

What follows is one of the most circular and incomprehensible conversations in “Housewives” history.

Teresa claimed that “people” were “telling her” things about a grown woman with three children performing in clubs.

Melissa demanded an apology from Teresa for getting in the way of her marriage. Teresa refuseed, saying her comment was never supposed to make it past Joe Gorga.

Neither of them is able to speak below a shout.

When Teresa finally decided she was going to leave, Melissa taunted her, “Run away coward, like you always do when you’re wrong.”

 “This whole fight was ridiculous. And who was it caused by? My brother. Thanks Joey. Love you, Teresa said, rather sarcastically.

Steve May 07, 2012 at 03:13 PM
No class, no dignity, no grace.
maryanne May 07, 2012 at 05:42 PM
Lowest common denominator.
fboy1932 May 08, 2012 at 10:22 PM
Oh god not her again!


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