Most Read Wayne Stories in November

Superstorm Sandy's aftermath, police officer's recovery among top stories last month.

Superstorm Sandy, layoffs at Hostess, and an injured police officer’s recovery.

Those were the top news stories in Wayne in November.

Here is the recap of the major headlines for the month.

JCP&L Fails Residents

Jersey Central Power & Light left thousands of residents in the dark after Superstorm Sandy damaged homes and caused more than 800 trees in the township to fall. Power was slowly restored to town homes but not before officials created an online petition to bolster support for getting JCP&L’s license revoked.

Police Officer Recovers from Severe Injury

Officer Bob Franco, 42, suffered a severe spinal cord injury when a tree fell on the patrol car he was in during Sandy. He was immobilized at first but has slowly been regaining feeling in his legs and arms. His condition continues to improve.

Pair Punched Cop After Traffic Stop, Police Said

Two Wayne men were charged with aggravated assault on a police officer and resisting arrest after they attempted to flee during a traffic stop on Packanack Lake Road, police said.

Hostess Layoffs Moving Ahead, Bakery to Close

More than 300 North Jersey workers will lose their jobs due to Hostess, the maker of Twinkies, Ring Dings, and Wonder Bread, going out of business.

The company said it would layoff its 320 workers at its Wayne bakery and 70 at an outlet store in Carlstadt. The layoffs would take effect July 3 and the facilities will be sold.

A last-minute mediation session between the company and workers union was done after the layoffs were announced but talks failed.

Essen, Bubba, and Albanese Elected to Board

Incumbent Kim Essen and challengers Michael Bubba and Eileen Albanese have, for now, won seats on the Wayne Board of Education.

They were elected to three-year terms.

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