Schools Earn Cash When Parents Buy Non-GMO Products

Today’s savvy and health-conscience parents are increasingly seeking out products that do not contain genetically modified ingredients, also known as GMOs.  But for these parents, making healthier food choices has often excluded them from participating in popular school fundraising programs such as Box Tops for Education® and Labels for Education®.  To enable more parents to participate in raising much needed funds for schools,   ABCs for Smarter Kids Inc (“ABCs”), a non-profit organization, has launched the Rewards for A Better ChoiceTM grant program.  This program offers cash grants to schools when parents buy qualifying non-GMO products.  Parents from more than 200 schools in 15 states have already signed up to participate in this health-oriented school fundraising program. Funds for participating schools will be available starting this fall and schools interested in signing up for the program can visit the website at www.abcs4sk.org/schools

ABCs was founded in 2013 by Amy Hull Brown, a certified holistic health practitioner, nutritional consultant, health coach and owner of the Well Amy Market (www.wellamy.com), an e-commerce site specializing in healthy, allergen-free products.  The mission of ABCs is to promote healthy living, environmental sustainability, fair trade and humane treatment of animals.  The vision for Rewards for A Better ChoiceTM started several years back when Hull Brown switched to a more natural diet and lifestyle to improve her family’s health.  She soon realized that none of the healthier products that she was now purchasing qualified for any existing cashback opportunities at her children’s school.  After much research, Hull Brown discovered that a growing number of healthy, all-natural products on the market today are manufactured by smaller companies in comparison to large food manufacturing companies that typically sponsor school cashback programs such as General Mills Inc. and Campbell Soup Company.  Small eco-conscientious companies are at a disadvantage as they do not have the same financial resources or breadth of products to support a standalone school rewards program.  Through Rewards for A Better ChoiceTM, ABCs offers the opportunity for these companies to collaborate in a nationwide school rewards program without the administrative costs associated with creating their own program. 

According to Hull Brown the launch of Rewards for A Better ChoiceTM is a way to reward parents for making healthier choices for their family while also supporting health-conscious companies that give consumers healthier options at the grocery store.  “By aligning the interests of eco-conscious parents and product companies, we are able to provide much needed resources to our schools that can be used for in-class curriculums, school activities or after-school programs,” said Hull Brown. “In return our children will begin to better understand how their buying decisions can make a positive impact and create a healthier world for future generations to come.” Companies interested in participating in our program can see program rules at www.abcs4sk.org/companies


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