Ice Cream Shops that are Sure to Please

These are among the best in the area.

Looking for good ice cream that's close to home? These four shops each have their flavor (pun intended) to get you through the dog days of summer.

2 Union Ave.
Paterson, NJ
(973) 595-1647

What makes this shop different from all the rest is the variety. Gelotti’s has well over 100 flavors, said Chris Facciollio, a manager. While the shop, which is on Union Avenue in Paterson, doesn’t have room for all of the flavors at one time, but at least 40 flavors are available at any given time in addition to gelotto, sherbert Italian ice and soft serve.

The shop also features sugar-free flavors, creamsicle flavors, cakes and novelties. Gelottis is known for its nocciola- (hazelnut) and cannoli-flavored gelato and its cake batter and banana pudding ice cream flavors.

Gelotti’s has grown so much that it sells its creamy desserts to other stores. “Gelottis is like a well-oiled machine,” Facciollio said. “Everyone who works here is family or close friends, and everyone gets along really well. We’re known for a bit of everything. When you hear ‘Gelottis,’ you think of more than one thing.”

Curly's Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt
30 State Route 23
Riverdale, NJ
(973) 839-0198

Curly’s has been using the same soft serve for 50 years, co-owner Chris Meier said. Flavors such as banana oreo and cannoli cream are hard to find elsewhere.

The mom-and-pop store is a well-known spot for locals because its entirely homemade ice cream selection is made on site. “We definitely put a lot of care into the product because we care about it,” Meier said.

After being open for more than a half century, the business shows no signs of stopping; Curly’s will open a second store in Hasbrouck Heights, off Route 17 South, in early September to accommodate its dedicated Bergen County customers.

1063 Broad St.
Bloomfield, NJ

When you step into Holsten’s ice cream shop, you’re stepping into more than 70 years of history. Old-fashioned décor, such as an ice cream fountain and candy counter, gives the room its ambiance. The final scene of “The Sopranos” was filmed at Holsten’s, which says something about its old-timey appeal.

More than just an ice cream shop, it has food and homemade chocolate. Simply put, “Our ice cream tastes the best,” said Ron Stark, one of the owners. Stark said the ice cream has the “perfect balance” of richness, and many of the customers have been coming in for years. The stoer has a simple selection: 18 flavors and a lemon ice.

637 Wyckoff Ave.
Wyckoff, NJ

Though Kilwin’s is a chain, the Wyckoff location is the only one in New Jersey. Opened two months ago, the shop is a baby on Wyckoff Avenue.

Kilwin’s doesn’t use artificial flavors, owner Mary Lou said. “For example, in our blueberry waffle cone ice cream, you get real pieces of blueberry and waffle cone,” Lou said. “In our Georgia Peach flavor, you get real peaches.” With 32 flavors to choose from and outdoor seating, the shop is becoming popular very quickly.

Van Dyk's Ice Cream
145 Ackerman Ave.
Ridgewood, NJ
(201) 444-1429

Opened in 1956, this ice cream place is legendary for its homemade ice cream. With such flavors as Bailey's Irish Cream and Amaretto, the shop has been named Bergen County's Best Ice Cream by Bergen Health and Life.

It is off the beaten path -- located basically in a residential neighborhood -- and it doesn't advertise. But if you're one of the lucky ones who heard of this place by word of mouth, the ice cream will have you coming back for more. Some of the loyal customers date to the 1960s. The store has about 12 flavors at a time, and everything is made on site.

eyes wide shut July 16, 2011 at 05:18 PM
Gelotti's BLOWS away everyone else. The types and flavors they have are ALL unreal. If you want something really good, then Gelotti's is YOUR place. Been to all the rest, Rita's, Dairy Queen, Ben & Jerry's, Haagen Daz, Cups, and all the cold stone places. Gelotti's is hands down the winner....Now if you want really bad ice cream at an outrageous price then Carvel is the place for you on Valley Rd in Wayne. The only thing worse then their ice cream and their prices is their service....Gelloti's................


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