Farms View: Where Fresh Produce and Family Matter

Farms View is a family-oriented farm market in Wayne

In 1894, the Kuehm family created Farms View, a family-friendly farm market specializing in home-grown produce. Now on its fifth generation of Kuehm's, Farms View has developed a loyal customer base for its freshly-picked fruits and vegetables.

Owner Todd Kuehm, a member of the fourth generation in this family of produce-pickers, called Farms View a small mom and pop business.

"We concentrate on our customers more than other businesses do and that’s what has kept us here," Kuehm said. "We have a customer that comes in and out of Manhattan every weekend, and the lady has made this her ritual; this is one of her regular stops."

He said this customer has been coming to Farms View for 20 years. She is just one among many returning customers.

"We know everybody that comes in here pretty much," Kuehm said.

What brings customers back is the fresh produce. The Kuehm's primarily sell homegrown fruits and vegetables.

 "We grow tons of different vegetables we’re picking right now," he said.

In season veggies include homegrown onions, radishes, scallions, arugula, parsley, dill, basil, cilantro, golden and red beats, carrots, salad mix, rubarb, green, yellow and kuso squash, fresh garlic, cucumbers, green beans, green flat beans, yellow string beans, different cabbages, and as of this week, cherry tomatoes. Lettuces include iceberg, romaine, Boston, red leaf lettuc and green leaf lettuce. Farms View is also know for its fresh sweet corn.

"You can’t get it any fresher. Even my peaches and stuff, we try and get our fruit direct form local growers and we buy the best of the best that we can find," he said.

The Kuehm's have cherries and grapes shipped from Washington State or California for the best flavor, but the majority of their produce is homegrown or local, he said.

"We try and keep up wherever the best flavor is," Kuehm said. "It's not always about the price, it's about getting the best flavor product for our customer."

The Kuehm's also grow their own pickles and grind and sell them. These Pickled Pickles have become popular with the customers.

While other farm markets have branched out, adding baked goods and other items to their stoes, the Kuehm family decided to keep their focus on fresh produce.

"Our niche here kept us in the produce business," Kuehm said. "I’m doing 60 acres of produce and hitting close to 100 acres of planting a year."

On top of produce, Farms View sells unique jarred items including fresh local honey and different flavored vinegars. They also have a wide variety of jarred jellies and jams. The Kuehms  have 8 green houses where they grow their own flowers.

Every fall, families can come to Farms View for U-Pick Pumpkins, and in the summer for U-Pick Strawberries.

is located at 945 Black Oak Ridge Road in Wayne.

Tina Starke July 11, 2012 at 02:11 PM
Excellent home-grown corn!
leanbean July 11, 2012 at 03:10 PM
This place is the best around. We don't need a farmers market. We have Farmsview.
Nose Wayne July 11, 2012 at 04:06 PM
Farmsview is our town Farm Market,went there with my Grandfather and have been going back ever since!!!! Nice work Todd,see you soon.
Leila Oxford July 12, 2012 at 02:53 AM
Farms View is the nicest and cleanest Farm Market that I have ever been in. My children love to visit with the animals while I shop. They love the "chicken tractor" and can't wait for the chickens to lay eggs. If you haven't had their home grown corn that is picked and sold the same day, you haven't had corn! Thank you to Farms View for surviving, I believe that they are the last farm in town.


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