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You probably know more Yiddish than you think.  Did you just schlep packages from the supermarket?  Did you buy bagels and blintzes?  Did you accuse the guy with 12 items in the line limited to 10 as having a lot of chutzpah?  Were you kibitzing with the woman who wore a shmateh?  Did you feel farklempt when you saw George Clooney’s photo on the cover of the magazine?  Did you accuse the cashier of being a gonif because she rung up the lox with the wrong price and feel like a klutz when you tripped on the way out of the store?  Was the store schlocky?  Did you schmooze with your zaftig neighbor in the parking lot and sneak a nosh from your grocery bag while listening to that yenta do her usual shtik?

Oy vey!  You see, you DO know Yiddish which means you
are ready to celebrate the language that everyone thought was kaput with singer and raconteur Naomi Miller as she performs her show, “Yiddish is in My Genes,” on Thursday, August 16 at 7:00 pm in the Rosen Theater at the YMCA, One Pike Drive, Wayne, NJ.  And even if
you are not a mayven and are “Yiddish Challenged” - don’t worry – any Yiddish in the show will be translated into
English by some very creative captions.  You’re sure to plotz

Naomi Miller has been singing all her life and while
she sings in eleven different languages, Yiddish was her first.  Born in a displaced persons camp after the
War, Naomi is dedicated to the perpetuation and rejuvenation of the language that was almost lost in the Holocaust.  She has had the privilege of studying with actress Tovah Feldshuh and performing several roles with the National Folksbiene Yiddish Theatre under the direction
of Zalmen Mlotek, Motl Didner, and Moshe Yasur. 
Naomi has performed in cabarets and concert halls throughout the United States and Europe and has four recordings to her credit. For more info about Naomi, see www.NaomiMiller.com.

Tickets are $10 and all seats are reserved.   

Nu, so what are you waiting for?  Call 973-595-0100 Ext. 0 and order your tickets today.  The show is takeh a mechayeh!  Oh, and if you want to ess a bissel prior to the
show, the Tel Aviv Café at the Y offers an all you can eat buffet for $8 starting at 5:30 pm.


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