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Academy Award Nominee Films Movie in Wayne

Robert Loggia, Dustin Diamond film part of 'Captured Hearts' in Wayne recently.

Academy Award nominee Robert Loggia filmed part of "Captured Hearts" at the Exxon gas station on Alps Road in Wayne on Friday. 

Loggia appeared in "Independence Day."

The film, directed by Dylan Bank, is a horror film. 

Dustin Diamond, who played Screech on "Saved by the Bell," also appears in the film and was working on the set.

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Chris Traynor January 18, 2013 at 04:45 AM
Robert Loggia was a supporting actor in Independence Day but I the role he will most remembered for is "BIG", with Tom Hanks, in which he plays the CEO of a toy manufacturer. His classic scene - done without stunt doubles - involves Mr. Loggia and Hank's character ("Josh") dancing/jumping joyfully on a huge keyboard (to the children's favorite "Chopsticks") laid out on the floor of a flagship toy emporium in Manhattan. As a very successful character actor, Loggia has appeared in hundreds of roles over the course of his long career. Knowing the more recent antics & general dirt-baggery of his D-Level Hollywood "co-star" (Dustin Diamond) on this project may cause Mr. Loggia's fans to assume that he was kicked very hard in the temple by a powerful beast that he somehow angered. There is no evidence to suggest Loggia suffered any such traumatic brain injury, With that, most fans will now assume that his advancing age may play a role in this staggering demonstration of a complete and total loss of human reasoning and judgment. If it turns out that dementia plays no role in this choice of project, one must assume this decision (one that is shattering to his past career and future employment) could only be explained by Diamond possessing incriminating photos of Loggia excitedly frequenting a Tijuana Barnyard Brothel (one which serves a very special clientele of powerful men whose twisted taste and sick, sad predilection runs toward the younger, more vulnerable farm animal).


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