Hunger and Thirst can change everything you ever thought you knew about yourself.

One of the true shortcomings of the human race is that, for the most part, in our modern age we have totally convinced ourselves that someone will come and help us in a time of crisis. Ninety Seven percent of the population does not see this as a potential problem.


As with many problems that have plagued us in the past we, as Mankind, have been able to join together to lend a helping hand where needed and endure the suffering that was required. The incredible difference with this potential problem is that it will be as much World Wide as National. It is our goal and mission to help as many as possible prepare for that one unexpected catastrophic crisis that becomes life threating very quickly.

Join us in preparing in advance and we will show you that the consequences of totally ignoring the possibilities are life threating to a high degree. Let me make it very clear, we are not “Dooms Day Zealots.” What most people do not understand is that everyone who has some preparation is one less person that could potentially come into your house with little remorse about hurting someone, if necessary, just to get a bite to eat or water to drink.

In all of our surveys we have found that there are two major reasons that people are less than enthusiastic about making basic preparations. First is the thought that if it becomes necessary the Government will come in to assist them. WRONG! The second is that they will start getting ready tomorrow when they have a little extra money. WRONG! The crisis may start tomorrow and then it will be too late. You now have a friend in the business. Let us show you how you can protect your loved ones and yourself. This entire program has been developed in conjunction with some of the World’s Leading Experts.

If nothing else please remember this: Hunger and Thirst can change everything you ever thought you knew about yourself.

Gary L. Martin



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