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stewart resmer July 22, 2014 at 05:36 AM
poor poor jack-o, there you go again mixing the apples with oranges and coming up bupkiss, sorry to Read Morelearn that you can only 'be honest for a moment'. The issue of violence transends political affiliations in this case the political offender happens to be the sitting governor who has no moral bearings when it comes to what to do about gun control and so he rambles the way he did in this example. We have seen in his town halls that he opens the floor to civil discourse and commands respectful dialogue but then he launches in to his vitriol and over heated rhetoric when he could just as easily agree to disagree whn some one annoys him. The bouquet of other issues you raise are yours as misguided as I may happen to think you are about them, I simply do not see them as partisan but rather I see them as a difference of opinion, but in the course of law they become a millstone, a yoke and social burden, and the supreme court would all tell you that their deliberations are not political, even if the majority are , well you know, appointed by republicans right? Just being honest jack-o, not for the moment mind you, but as a way of life.
Jack Q July 22, 2014 at 08:48 AM
Actually, my request was for you to be honest for a minute. You claim that this issue transcendsRead Morepa rty affiliations yet neither the Senate or President have put forth viable legislation. So if it transcends party lines as you claim, where is your moral outrage towards the Senate Democrats and the President? As usual, if this was Corzine or MacGreevey, or any other Democrat in office, not a word would be said. I think you have proven that point over the many years on these boards. That being said, should meaningful gun control legislation be passed. Absolutely. Should every gun control legislation be passed? No.
stewart resmer July 22, 2014 at 09:16 AM
Jack-o ya cant ask some one else to be honest if you cant be honest yourself, if even for theRead Moreminut e it took you to dream up your response above. In the very 1st place? Honestly? Neither McGreevey nor Corzine are in office any longer. Honest, no really, honest! The NJ Dems have indeed put gun violence issues forward, otherwise the governor would have had no measure to veto to begin with, honest. Take for instance the veto on the Barrett 50 Cal sniper rifle? This governor signaled that he would sign such legislation and so the senate went to work on that and then what happened? The gov vetoed that one? Just in time for the New Hampshire money raising swing for the RGA. What a coinky dink? This is your concept of honest governance? Honest? Set aside what ever rationale the governor had for the act, what does one do with a rifle that the Geneva conventions clearly forbids using on a human being during war time? Who then or what does one go out and use a 50 caliber weapon on or for? Yes Jack-honesty is a virtue, be virtuous, in your own defense of the absurdity of your quarrel here. When it came to limiting the number of bullets any one might legally have in a magazine of a firearm, remeber that time and again we read of how mass murderers of men women and children have been found to have been carrying hundreds of rounds in unusually high capacity magazines that even the militarys of the world do not utilize, why them should some one reasonably need such magazines if not for the sole purpose of killing as many victims as fast as they can, then throw an overheated weapon down and grab up another to do it all over again.
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