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Wayne's World July 22, 2014 at 04:37 PM
Incredibly, I happen to agree with Stew. Well, his original post anyway. There's a first time for Read Moreeverything! We missed ya, old fella! Despite the fact that I like Christie overall, Stew has correctly identified his tragic (unnecessary) character flaw which serves as the governor's achilles heel. I wish the position of governor could go back to being more of a CEO and less of this partisan nonsense. Clearly, Christie is posturing without conviction on this issue and the lack of genuineness is particularly glaring for someone whose hallmark is to be genuine. We all know it's pandering for the national stage. Jersey's gun issue stems from VA anyway. All the tough laws in the world here make no difference when the criminals simply drive to VA and get them by the suitcase. Thank God for profiling where many of these gun runners are caught in routine traffic stops, but the entire Northeast region's gun problem is directly traceable to VA's lax and almost criminally easy gun purchase laws. More importantly, a major financial firm has neatly described much of what ails NJ, and the fiscal problem is getting worse by the day. It's all stuff that should be obvious to anyone with a pulse, but it's neatly encapsulated in a short piece with input of some of the state's most experienced people in a variety of areas. JackQ, I am sure you'll find it interesting reading. Taxpayers are fleeing the state by the thousands, and revenues go down while need goes up. Something has to give. I predict NJ will be a wasteland where productive and reasonably wealthy people used to live. In 20 years more places will be like Trenton, Newark and Paterson and less like Wayne. http://regentatlantic.prod.bridgelinedigital.net/File%20Library/Tax%20paper/Exodus-on-the-Parkway-2-25-14-FINAL-VERSION.pdf
Jack Q July 23, 2014 at 09:51 AM
Wayne, the same thing is true in NYC. People are fleeing NYC and NJ because of taxes. Read MoreUnfortunatel y, the problem is a spending one, not a revenue one that our politicians would want us to believe. As far as guns go, while the governor had an opportunity, the proven fact is that a city or or state can have the toughest gun laws, but that just keeps honest people from having guns. Are there legal guns that should be banned. Absolutely. But unless there is uniform legislation, or federal legislation, the bad guys will go and get them from somewhere else. The perfect example of this is Chicago. Toughest gun laws in the country yet they have the highest murder rate by gun in the country. How can that be? Because only law abiding citizens follow the laws. If laws are passed and the justice system cannot or will not enforce them, what do we have?
Pad July 23, 2014 at 09:52 PM
Chicago residents recently got approval to carry licensed firearms (Concealed Carry Permits). Guess Read Morewhat? Crime rate is dropping. NJ has the toughest laws in the country and cities like Paterson are like the Wild Wild West. Gun laws like magazine capacity etc. do nothing but make legal gun owners criminals overnight. This is the politicians quick reply to gun control advocates to appease them, instead of going after the real problems that plague our cities. If NJ residents had the right to carry a concealed weapon the crime rate would drop, in carjacking's, robbery & other violent crimes. Before a criminal attacks he would have to wonder if the intended victim is armed or not.
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